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In the absence of the law specifically determining authorities and roles of notary public, the Sub-Decree 138 on the Establishment of Phnom Penh Notary Public spells out the operations that members of Phnom Penh Notary Public shall perform. Said operations include:


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Equipped with legal knowledge and experiences in notary public domain as well as other legal disciplines, which we acquired during our trainings and length of experiences, both in Cambodia and France, we will offer services of the highest quality, which is tapped into the legal and technical expertise of our team. Our trustworthy services come with a guarantee of professional liability insurance solely for purpose of assuring legal security of your transactions and protecting your interests. Read More


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We are a team of highly educated and experienced professionals with both legal and notary capabilities, and our commitment to ensure the best quality of work without decreasing your convenience are what differentiates us from our peers.
We look forward to welcoming you and assisting you at Phnom Penh Notary Public!